First time visitor to Africa? Check out these destinations first.

First time visitor to Africa

Want to experience Africa, but have no idea where to start? In this blog, we’ll share three destinations you’ll want to consider visiting on your first trip here.

 1) Cape Town, South Africa

Want to discover Africa, but scared to even dip your toe in the pool? As destinations on this continent go, they don’t get more developed than Cape Town. Don’t get us wrong – there are aspects of travel here which make this place very different than back home (shanty towns, townships, high crime rate), but if you are looking for a smooth introduction to this continent, this is as close as you’ll get.

 Start by heading straight up the Table Mountain tram – at the top, you’ll be privy to sweeping views over the entire city, and you’ll have a chance to come face-to-face with the adorable Dassie, which makes its home amidst the rocks atop this flat peak.

 From there, learn about Apartheid at District Six Museum, travelling out to Robben Island, and by going on a township tour. After you have availed yourself of this dark period in South Africa’s history, lighten the mood by touring Chapman Peak Drive, seeing penguins waddle around at Boulders Beach, and by soaking up the sun at Camps Bay Beach.

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 2) Madagascar

 An island different in geology, biodiversity, and culture than much of the rest of Africa, Madagascar offers tons of memorable experiences for the traveller looking to pack them into a 2-3 week trip.

 Populated over the years by Malay, Arabs, Indians, Bantus from mainland Africa, and the Chinese, the ethnic pedigree of the Malagasy people is among the most intriguing of any other in the world.

 This fact will underpin your entire adventure here as you explore highlands, visit lemur sanctuaries, drive down the Avenue of the Baobabs, and recline on uncrowded beaches – talk to as many people as you can, as this will make your trip here unforgettable.

First time visitor to Africa

 3) Marrakesh, Morocco

 In Europe and want to get a quick taste of Africa? Taking a ferry across from Spain will land you on the shores of Morocco. From there, make your way to Marrakesh, a city well known for its markets.

 Situated in the medina, you’ll encounter a barrage of smells, sights, and sounds that will stimulate your sense in a way they have never experienced before. There may be many things you’ll want to buy, but bargain hard – these merchants are virtually certain to start out by high balling you on p