Files required whenever purchasing a condo

For foreigners to get qualified to acquire a condo system in Thailand that they should provide evidence to the Division of Lands in which the money has been transmitted from foreign in international money. Without having this kind of evidence, the Division of Estates will misunderstand the transmission of property to the importer.

Compensations should be sent out in specifically (” to the character”) the exact same name as looking on the investment agreement, (such as in case Tom Smith is the purchaser after that the name Tom Smith should show up on the discharge guidance. T. Smith or even Smith Business are unwanted.) In case the purchasers are two people after that two names must seem on the agreement, and two distinct remittances must be created by this kind of two individuals, in equivalent amounts.

The buyer needs to include the transactions guideline suggesting that the reason for this particular case is to Buy Land Koh Samui. The banking institution that gets cash in international currency may provide the record (Overseas Trade Purchase Form) that includes the complying with details:

  • The transmitted period in foreign money
  • The transmitted amount of money in Thai Baht
  • The proper name of the amount of money sender
  • The proper name of the amount of money receiver
  • The function of transmitting

Files required whenever purchasing a condo

Koh Samui, Thailand

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